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Office Cleaning
in Sacramento

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Transform every nook and cranny of your office into a beacon of purity with our comprehensive deep cleaning services. As entrepreneurs, you hold the power to revolutionize your workspaces, cultivating an environment that's not only spotless but also conducive to health and safety.


Same Day Service

Experience the essence of fresh air and establish a robust, secure setting for your workforce by banishing allergens and executing a thorough cleanse of your premises. Iron Property stands at the forefront of merging hygienic practices with comfort, fostering a work environment that rejuvenates and energizes your team.

Cleaning Office in Sacramento area

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Basic Cleanliness
Pantry and Break Area Clean-Up
Bathroom Maintenance
  • Clear Out Trash Bins

  • Wipe Down Furniture (including seats and tables)

  • Gently Clean Sofa/Lounge Seating 

  • Thoroughly Clean (covers ledges, photo frames, artworks, shelves, cupboards)

  • Sanitize Phones, Keyboards, Door Handles, Switches

  • Moist-Clean Computer & Television Displays

  • Wipe Desk Surfaces

  • Remove Dust from High Lights

  • Wash Inside Windows and Sills

  • Floor care

  • Wipe Down Counters

  • Sterilize Sinks and Fixtures

  • Clean Appliance Surfaces

  • Wipe Down Tabletops and Seating

  • Floor Cleaning and Mopping

  • Shine All Metal and Stainless Steel Surfaces

  • Detailed Cleaning of Inside Appliances

  • Dispose of Rubbish and Replace Liners

  • Restock Dispensers (Hand Soap, Toilet Rolls, Paper Towels)

  • Make Mirrors Sparkle

  • Disinfect Sinks and Countertops

  • Thoroughly Clean Toilets and Urinals

  • Detail Clean Stall Dividers and Walls

  • Mop Floors for a Finish

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